Yu's Acupuncture & Wellness, LTD.


When I was suffering from severe back pain and no other standard treatment methods were helping, I sought out acupuncture. Then I found He Joo and she gave me hope. I had been in so much pain for while, but with patience and commitment to the treatment plan I became virtually pain free. Now I am living a normal life again and I can finally do everything I use to. She has put my life back to where it used to be. May she help others as she has helped me. - R. Meador

I have received acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for several months. He Joo has treated me for many chronic conditions. She has successfully relieved me from chronic seasonal allergies, fatigue, and insomnia. My energy is much improved with her treatment and care. She is a gentle and confident healer allowing me to completely relax under her care. – T. Lim

I suffer from sciatica. I have been treated by a physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist. He Joo is the one professional who gave my lower back and hips relief from chronic pain. – C. Dallinga

He Joo is very personable and made every effort to make me feel comfortable. She was through in her assessment and in explaining her treatment proposal. I felt an immediate effect of the treatment. – S. McCabe.

I started seeing He Joo after trying to get pregnant for a year. Acording to Medical doctor me and my husband had no problem so I turned to her for alternative fertility treatment. Within 6 months of starting acupuncture and taking the herbs she recommended, I was happily, naturally pregnant. I cannot recommend her highly enough – L. Chow

I had trouble getting pregnant for over couple of years. Medical doctors said it was unexplained infertility and there was nothing wrong with either me or my husband. So I came to He Joo for Acupuncture. She said I was too fatigued to get pregnant and carry it through. After Months of Acupuncture visits, I got pregnant. I was surprised and exited and it worked! – T. Stirling

I have to recommend He Joo's acupuncture to women who suffer from PMS! The result was fast and lasting. I am living almost PMS free now. I wish I went to her earlier. I could have avoided the damages all those painkillers did to me. – R. Alexander